Virtual Summit

Two Thoughts on Racism in Hockey

Canadian hockey is an interesting site to discuss racism. Some might think that any racism that occurs would be a “one-off”. Others might think given the pride that Canadians have in hockey and the lack of diversity, hockey might be a place where racism is prevalent. I want to share two thoughts about racism in hockey in my time with you – the role of categorization and similarity attraction.

Dr. Marvin Washington

University of Alberta

Marvin Washington is a full professor at the Alberta School of Business. Dr. Washington’s research, teaching, and consulting focus are on processes of organizational and institutional change. He is the author of three books on leadership and organizational change. Marvin has taught undergraduates, graduates, and executives since he joined the University of Alberta in 2006. Dr. Washington has worked with various organizations such as Enbridge, AIMCo, Blue Cross, YMCA, SportChek, many ministries and departments in the Country of Botswana, the state of Oregon, the Government of Alberta and the City of Edmonton. Over the past year, as the protests from movements such as Black Lives Matter and the growing awareness of structural barriers to BIPOC, Dr. Washington has shifted his focus to helping organizations move beyond simple measures such to address diversity towards having a more robust discussion on how organizations and specifically senior leaders could create an organization where not only are all accepted, but everyone has the chance to succeed.